College Essay

College Essay

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The 2015 New York State DECA competition changed my life. It was the first time I was away from my family for an extended period of time. At first I was nervous for I was alone in a foreign place. However, as that week progressed I opened up to Rochester and the New York DECA competitors there. My best experience at the competition was getting to know many of these competitors. I was an elector for my DECA chapter. This allowed me to get to know the students running for positions in New York DECA quite well. They were all really polite and had such amazing ideas for New York DECA. This made my job hard. Before the end of the competition a DECA dance was held. That was the best party of 2015. The reason was the people. I had severely misjudged the people.

Many were from rural parts of New York which were foreign to me. I live in Huntington Station, New York. Huntington Station is at the far western part of Suffolk County. Which is basically only 25 miles away from the heart of New York City. The metropolis sprawl was my neighborhood. ย I learned a lot from my DECA competitors for they werenโ€™t the country hick stereotypes that I had imagined.ย  No, they were Americans just like me and amazingly they gave me some great advice about DECA. Many of my competitors were regulars at DECA States while 2015 was my first year. Some of New York State DECA competitors were from Buffalo. Once again I had completely false ideas about the people. I had pictured Buffalo as rust belt city with high levels of crime. This led me to believe that my competitors from Buffalo were dishonest and mean. The true reality hit me square in the face. My competitors from Buffalo were the nicest people I have ever met. And, of course, they werenโ€™t trying to steal from me. ย When the 2015 New York State DECA competition came to a close, I earned a top ten finish in my category of Restaurant and Food Service Management. I welcomed a top ten medal but the event saddened me. The top ten finish wasnโ€™t enough to make it to DECA Nationals. The top five from my category went on to DECA Nationals in Orlando, Florida. Even though I didnโ€™t win what I wanted; I had learned a more valuable lesson.

I shouldnโ€™t judge people on false stereotypes.ย  People arenโ€™t stereotypes; people are people. My fellow competitors from Buffalo and rural New York didnโ€™t label me as a suburban kid. ย They wanted to know who I was as an individual. This lesson has and will carry with me to my university career and later life. When I reunited with my family back home in urban Huntington Station my mother asked me, โ€œHow was it?โ€ ย I responded to her question by praising everything about the New York State DECA competition. After that, I continued to talk about my experience for hours. And by the end I had found out something about myself. I like traveling. From that day on I am set on going abroad at some point during my time at university.


Helpful Notes:ย It is perfectly fine to stretch the truth. You aren’t under an oath to tell the exact truth.ย 

Your goal is to make you stand out in a good way!

Hence, I showed personal growth in my essay which is based off a real event that also has some helpful fluff added in to make the story pop.ย 

In true reality, I never believed in the stereotypes I claimed i did.


I hope this College Essay and notes written afterwards helps you write a wonderful essay that opens a door in higher education for you.ย