Here is an experiment I always wanted to work on. Yet, I am unable to acquire the right materials. Please feel free to take my idea and run with it.

The results matter.

My Experiment:

Background: “Some Ruminants like Cows and Sheep contain certain symbiotic anaerobic bacteria (like Cellulomonas) Β in the flora of Rumen, and these bacteria produce enzymes called Cellulases that help the microorganism to digest Cellulose; the breakdown products are then used by the bacteria for proliferation.”

Possible Candidates: Β *Cellulomonas*


-Fibrobacter Succinogenes

-Protozoan Trichonympha

Experiment: To mimic the intestinal environment in herbivores artificially. (MACHINE) //BIO-InventionΒ 

Effects on humanity:Β We would be able to extract valuable energy locked within Cellulose. As a result, of being able to breakdown Cellulose into a useful product, glucose, we would greatly expand our food supply. This would prevent any future food shortages with an expanding human population. We, Humans, would be able to consume all vegetation and thus it would decrease food prices dramatically.Β 

No person should suffer hunger with this BIO-Invention.Β 

Questions to answer:Β 

-What bacteria(s) is best for this experiment?

-How to obtain this bacteria? (VIA Slaughterhouse?)

-How long can the micros survive outside their “HOST” animal?

-How should the micros be transferred effectively to their new environment?

-What is the correct environment to store the micros?

– How to, “feed” the micros effectively?

-Will a transfer system be necessary? An example is Blood.

-How to collect the product, glucose, at the end?


Thank you.






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